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High Jump - Depena Drill - Jim Dilling - Minnesota State Univ. [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Jim Dilling explains and a high jumper demonstrates the Depena Drill.... Continue

Watching for and Avoiding Burnout [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Coaches sometimes joke that there are only two times when they feel stressed-day and night. Although that story represents the extreme case, certainly...... Continue

Horizontal Jumps - Plyometric Drills - Nick Kohl - Wartburg College [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Nick Kohl explains and horizontal jumpers demonstrate these plyometric drills.... Continue

Breaking the Mold - That Happiness or Success is Only Achieved on... [ARTICLE]


This article will look at breaking the mold of happiness or success being on the other side of achievement. If the coach creates an intentionally...... Continue

Hurdle Warm Ups - Walking with Ball Drills - Lucky Huber - Univ. of South Dakota [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Lucky Huber explains and a hurdler demonstrates these walking with ball drill hurdle warm ups.... Continue