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Strength Training for Distance Runners - Versatile Conditioning Improves... [ARTICLE]


Many good distance coaches recognize that a strength training regimen will enhance their athletes' durability, coordination, and...... Continue

Hurdle Rhythm Sprints Drill - Jarius Cooper - Arkansas State Univ. [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Jarius Cooper explains and hurdlers demonstrate this drill to assist the hurdler to feel the proper position needed to negotiate the hurdles.... Continue

Pole Vault - Double Rope Takeoff Drill - Reid Ehrisman - Univ. of Sioux Falls [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Reid Ehrisman explains and vaulters demonstrate this double rope takeoff drill. ... Continue

Creating Confidence - The Four Sources of Self-Efficacy [ARTICLE]


The purpose of this article is to provide coaches with a way to coach mental readiness and show why it can be just as crucial as physical readiness.... Continue

High Jump - Hurdle Drills - James Thomas - Texas Tech Univ. [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach James Thomas explains and a high jumper demonstrates these hurdle drills.... Continue