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The Bowerman Men's Watch List (Pre-NCAA Indoor Championships) [ARTICLE]


Arkansas hurdler Omar McLeod replaced his fellow SEC sprinter Dedric Dukes on the ten-man list. McLeod already had an NCAA championship in his trophy case, but won his first SEC title in the 60 meter hurdles on Saturday. He did so in just 7.49...... Continue

Ties that Bind [ARTICLE]


After over twenty years as an athlete and coach in the sports of cross country and track & field reflecting on my experiences, both positive and negative, has helped me understand what it is I do and where my greatest successes have been...... Continue

Women's Track Workout: Increasing Speed in the Weight Room [ARTICLE]

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Over the course of my career, I have had opportunities to work with some very talented female track athletes, including NCAA Championship Qualifier and Academic All-American Jenna Caffrey (Iowa State). One overarching theme I've seen: no elite...... Continue

Projected Maxes: A Safer Approach to Maxing Out [ARTICLE]

by SAC Speed on

In order to monitor progress in the weight room, it is necessary to devise a safe and accurate testing procedure. Single repetition maxes are the most frequently used form of testing and monitoring progress. In single repetition maxing, heavy ...... Continue

Properly Programming and Scheduling In-Season Weight Training [ARTICLE]

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For the most part, certain sports have it easy when it comes to in-season weight training. Football has games on Friday nights so weight training on Mondays and Wednesdays makes perfect sense. For many other sports like track and field...... Continue

7 Awesome Medicine Ball Drills to Increase Speed! [ARTICLE]

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Here is a quick tutorial on physics. Newton's third law of action reaction basically states that when ever there is a force applied, there is an equal and opposite reaction meeting that force. This is the concept I use medicine ball training to...... Continue

Sprint Training for the 100/200 Meters [ARTICLE]

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Many coaches believe that athletes are born "God-Given" SPEED and nothing can be done to change it. As a coach with over twenty years experience at the high school, junior college and university levels, I strongly disagree with this statement, to...... Continue

Starting Blocks (4-Point Start) [ARTICLE]

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Starting block work is considered the most important tool in sprinting events. Many novice sprinters are anxious with starting block work. It definitely is a tool that doesn't allow much room for error; however, once perfected it will indeed help...... Continue

Objectives...Middle Distance and Distance Running [ARTICLE]

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1. Must build strength.. Not talking about bulk A. Includes strength from weights and resistance and strength in running. This is a necessity. 2. Must increase endurance. This is a must and we must continue to build up what we have. ... Continue

Cross Country: What Are Your Objectives? [ARTICLE]

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Countless articles have been written that outline training programs that could lead to successful and championship-driven cross country seasons. However, before the coach can implement any plan, he or she must assess a myriad of factors. It is...... Continue