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Progressions to Obtaining a Proper Power Position in the Shot Put or Discus [ARTICLE]

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Start by getting in a toe heel relationship with your feet. For a right-handed thrower the toe of the left foot (blocking foot) should be aligned with the heel of the right foot (throwing foot). Feet should be approximately shoulder width apart. ... Continue

Discus Training Progression [ARTICLE]

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A. THE GRIP The fingers should be evenly spread and the last joints of the fingers should be placed on the rim of the discus. The thumb should be placed on top of the discus for control. Some throwers prefer to put the middle finger and the...... Continue

Race Day Preparation (for the High School Athlete) [ARTICLE]

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A great performance always starts with great preparation. If you've followed the (proper) principles of training, you should be fit and ready for competition. Now comes the Race Day preparation that will bring your hard work to fruition. ... Continue

Three Key Steps to Conquer Post-Season Pressure in Track [ARTICLE]

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Unfortunately, many athletes and coaches approach the development of great pressure performance with the mantra 'we'll just continue to practice the play or skill 'till its automatic under pressure.' And while there is a small element of truth to...... Continue

Setting up the Border to your Season [ARTICLE]


My wife is an avid "puzzler" and we all know the first rule of putting together a puzzle is to find the corners. I once gave my wife a puzzle that did not have any corners or straight edges (It darn near drove her to drink!). Because she could...... Continue

Greg Nixon's Heart-Pounding Conditioning Workout [ARTICLE]

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When Greg Nixon was a junior in college, he discovered that track, not football, was his true calling. Everything had to change— especially his workouts. On the track, Nixon follows crisp white lines around a 400-meter oval. His path to...... Continue

Understanding and Managing Lactate [ARTICLE]


Despite prevailing misconceptions about what lactate is and how it's made and used, lactate threshold continues to remain the gold standard for quantifying performance in endurance athletes and defining appropriate training intensities. In this...... Continue

New SAT Grading Scale Released for NCAA and NAIA Initial Eligibility [ARTICLE]


In the spring of 2016, the SAT rolled out a newly formatted exam. As a result, both the NCAA and NAIA recently released revised SAT minimum score requirements, which...... Continue

Long Distance - Basic Aerodynamics and Flight Characteristics in Discus Throwing [ARTICLE]


The discus is an extremely aerodynamic implement (Hubbard, 2000). This implies that, under certain conditions, the distance thrown can be increased or decreased significantly beyond or below to that expected in a vacuum...... Continue

Body Composition - Methods and Importance for Performance and Health [ARTICLE]


The measurement and understanding of the basic morphological characteristics of the athlete is the foundation on which a training process may be built. Specific anthropometric characteristics are needed to be successful in...... Continue