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Motivation - Learning From Steve Prefontaine [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

The story of Steve Prefontaine remains a huge source of motivation for young runners who have seen the movies Prefontaine or Without Limits. Some kids have his poster in their bedrooms or read inspirational quotes by him. I remember him as an...... Continue

Running Injuries: How to Fix (Prevent) Them [ARTICLE]


Running injuries are quite common. The resulting limitations from injuries on successful participation in running have a negative impact on the overall health and well-being of the runner. As a former All-American runner at...... Continue

Discobolus: A New and an Old Twist in Discus Technique [ARTICLE]


Old may not be quite the right word in the above title. Ancient may be the better word to describe twist in the context of this article. The most accurate Roman copy of the Greek original...... Continue

By Design - Physical Performance Components for the Jumps [ARTICLE]


The first step in training any athlete is clear identification of the of the physical talents needed for success in the event. Designing training without a clear purpose in mind is an...... Continue

Growing Pains: The Effects of the Adolescent Growth Spurt on... [ARTICLE]


The four of them stood somewhat awkwardly together at the end of the cross-country race, the coach, the father, his wife and their daughter, the young athlete we'll call Liz. The father looked at his daughter and said, "I don't know what's the...... Continue

How Paul Sprangler Went from Walk-On Runner to Florida Assistant Coach [ARTICLE]

by Zach Dirlam - on

Despite winning the 3,200 meters state title in 1992, his junior year at Hernando (Fla.) High School, Spangler never got a recruiting call from Florida. Florida State University passed, too... ... Continue

Highest Effort Doesn't Always Equal Highest Performance [ARTICLE]


Any given performance requires some sort of effort. Generally, higher level performance requires more effort and vice versa. Many times the leap of logic is to assume the highest (perceived) effort must indicate the highest level of...... Continue

Pound for Pound: Weight Lifting and the Men's Throwing Events [ARTICLE]


Weight lifting is an integral part of strength and conditioning programs for all four throwing disciplines. In the majority of training plans, the exercises that make up the Olympic lifts and Power lifts, and their variations, are the foundation...... Continue

Stepping Up - Correcting errors to improve [ARTICLE]


The triple jump had a banner year in 2015 as Christian Taylor won in Beijing with an American record 18.21 meters (59-9) and Cuba's Pedro Pichardo twice exceeded 18 meters (59-0 3/4). But 30 years after I set a world record of 17.97 (58-11 1/2)...... Continue

Cross-Country Nutrition Tips for the Long Run [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

Runners ask a lot of their bodies, especially those running cross country in high school or college. Many record high mileage plus additional time with strength training or cross training. But if they don't get the proper nutrition, they are at...... Continue