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How Paul Sprangler Went from Walk-On Runner to Florida Assistant Coach [ARTICLE]

by Zach Dirlam - on

Despite winning the 3,200 meters state title in 1992, his junior year at Hernando (Fla.) High School, Spangler never got a recruiting call from Florida. Florida State University passed, too... ... Continue

Highest Effort Doesn't Always Equal Highest Performance [ARTICLE]


Any given performance requires some sort of effort. Generally, higher level performance requires more effort and vice versa. Many times the leap of logic is to assume the highest (perceived) effort must indicate the highest level of...... Continue

Pound for Pound: Weight Lifting and the Men's Throwing Events [ARTICLE]


Weight lifting is an integral part of strength and conditioning programs for all four throwing disciplines. In the majority of training plans, the exercises that make up the Olympic lifts and Power lifts, and their variations, are the foundation...... Continue

Stepping Up - Correcting errors to improve [ARTICLE]


The triple jump had a banner year in 2015 as Christian Taylor won in Beijing with an American record 18.21 meters (59-9) and Cuba's Pedro Pichardo twice exceeded 18 meters (59-0 3/4). But 30 years after I set a world record of 17.97 (58-11 1/2)...... Continue

Cross-Country Nutrition Tips for the Long Run [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

Runners ask a lot of their bodies, especially those running cross country in high school or college. Many record high mileage plus additional time with strength training or cross training. But if they don't get the proper nutrition, they are at...... Continue

Enhancing performance through effective cues [ARTICLE]


Every coach wants his or her student athletes to achieve their best performances during any contest. This is especially true at meets as they are quantifiers, the sole measurement of production. As a coach, how can you enhance both immediate and...... Continue

5 Essential Cross Country Workouts Explained [ARTICLE]

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If you've ever asked any cross country runners about their workouts, you've probably heard them say "tempo run," "progressive run" or some other vague or confusing term ("fartlek," anyone?). During the season, cross country runners perform many...... Continue

The Nature of Speed - Enhancing Sprint Abilities... [ARTICLE]


The desire to outrun the competition is a trademark of many sporting endeavors. While there is compelling evidence sprint speed is ultimately limited by an athlete's genetics (Vincent et al. 2007), optimal training can improve their competitive...... Continue

Connective Tissue: The Key to Preventing ACL Injuries [ARTICLE]

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The anterior cruciate ligament is the last thing you want to injure. If you need ACL surgery, you have a 6- to 12-month rehabilitation period ahead of you, and you may not return with the same speed and agility you once...... Continue

Mechanics for the Practitioner and the Thrower [ARTICLE]


The mechanics of discus throwing is not yet fully understood. Based on the information available to date however, some mechanical elements present the most...... Continue