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Power - Strength Training and the Horizontal Jumps [ARTICLE]


The horizontal jumps are challenging events for which to develop strength and conditioning programs. Both require strength, speed, power and technique. This article will review the aspects of the horizontal jumps a strength and conditioning...... Continue

Verbal Instructions and Cues [ARTICLE]


Verbal instructions are medium-to-long goal-directed, task-oriented phrases of generally three or more words in length, verbally administered to an individual prior to motor skill performance in order to enhance athletic performance and, or...... Continue

Flexibility for Cross Country From the Ground Up [ARTICLE]

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Cross country athletes and runners in general typically have two goals: run faster and avoid injuries. Achieving both requires balance—between conditioning and recovery, joint stability and mobility, and the left and right sides of the body...... Continue

The Team Concept: The Benefits of Coaching High School Track and Field as a team sport [ARTICLE]


I think many track and field coaches are missing out on another aspect of sport, and I believe it is affecting our sport adversely. I am talking about the possibility that high school track may not be an individual sport. In fact, I would argue...... Continue

Using General Strength in the Training Regimen [ARTICLES]

by SAC Speed on

General Strength exercises are exercises that develop strength, using the athlete's bodyweight as the sole load or resistance. In general strength work no external loading is applied. General strength exercises can run the gamut from simple...... Continue

Strength & Conditioning - Program Design Fundamentals [ARTICLE]


It's not unusual for a track and field coach to be a little lost and a little frustrated with their strength and conditioning program. Some programs are gifted with access to individuals who...... Continue

Strengthening the Springs [ARTICLE]


"If you want to be fast, you have to run fast." While no practice or training tool is more specific to sprint development than consistent exposure to high-quality sprinting, there are obvious advantages to the incorporation of...... Continue

Motivating the Modern Athlete [ARTICLE]

by Dr. Marty Durden, Athletic Director - Presbyterian School - Houston, TX on

Today's athlete is different from years past. The much-publicized generation Y student-athletes (1980's-1999) have moved through college. Generation Z is...... Continue

Pole Carry and Drop [ARTICLE]


Vitali Petrov, the father of modern pole vaulting and the greatest innovator of our beloved sport, discovered some interesting aspects of technique when he observed two pole vaulters from the bamboo and steel age. He viewed a 1951 film of a...... Continue

Zinc Supplementation in High School Distance Runners [ARTICLE]


Influence of zinc supplementation on three self-reported respiratory health indicators in a sample of adolescent distance runners. Purpose: Zinc supplementation was administered concurrently with 40 miles per week of aerobic distance training...... Continue