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Tempo Runs [ARTICLE]


Tempo runs have long been a staple of distance training, particularly for those training for race distances of 3,000 meters up to the marathon. The physiological benefits of tempo running and other forms of threshold training are well documented...... Continue

Pacing Strategies for Distance Events [ARTICLE]


Every four years before the summer Olympics, the U.S. holds an Olympic Trials track and field meet to determine the U.S. Olympic team. Athletes who have met the U.S. Olympic Trials "automatic" standard within the prescribed time period are...... Continue

Utilizing Both Time and AT to Become a Better Distance Coach [ARTICLE]


Coaches always ask what I consider to be the most important component(s) of a successful distance program. I have six that I know are truly important. They are: caring about each particular runner's well being, developing a program for long term...... Continue

Objectives...Middle Distance and Distance Running [ARTICLE]

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1. Must build strength.. Not talking about bulk A. Includes strength from weights and resistance and strength in running. This is a necessity. 2. Must increase endurance. This is a must and we must continue to build up what we have. ... Continue

Cross Country: What Are Your Objectives? [ARTICLE]

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Countless articles have been written that outline training programs that could lead to successful and championship-driven cross country seasons. However, before the coach can implement any plan, he or she must assess a myriad of factors. It is...... Continue