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Utilizing Both Time and AT to Become a Better Distance Coach [ARTICLE]


Coaches always ask what I consider to be the most important component(s) of a successful distance program. I have six that I know are truly important. They are: caring about each particular runner's well being, developing a program for long term...... Continue

Objectives...Middle Distance and Distance Running [ARTICLE]

by Everything Track and Field - MF Athletic on

1. Must build strength.. Not talking about bulk A. Includes strength from weights and resistance and strength in running. This is a necessity. 2. Must increase endurance. This is a must and we must continue to build up what we have. ... Continue

Cross Country: What Are Your Objectives? [ARTICLE]

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Countless articles have been written that outline training programs that could lead to successful and championship-driven cross country seasons. However, before the coach can implement any plan, he or she must assess a myriad of factors. It is...... Continue