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Warm-up and Cool Down - Two Crucial Details on Race Day [ARTICLE]

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In thirty years of coaching successful distance runners I listened to, read about, or discussed with colleagues the merits and shortcomings of many different types of training programs. Many people, athletes in particular, seemed to spend...... Continue

Pre-Season Conditioning [ARTICLE]

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The key to a successful track and field season can be made or broken in the first 35% of the season. Most training theorist state that the general preparatory facet of the season should be between thirty and forty percent of the overall season.... Continue

IRON - The Missing Nutritional Link to Performance [ARTICLE]


Coaches, athletes, and athletic trainers are bombarded with copious recommendations regarding the perfect formula and factors that will be conducive to optimal performance. Some of these contain fallacies that can stump the individual as to which...... Continue

Staying on Track - Recognition of Overtraining Syndrome in Endurance Athletics [ARTICLE]


For the endurance athlete,the management of training load and recovery is a concept that is not always optimized. In fact it is a paradox that for many athletes to be successful they need to "push the envelope." When this idea is taken too far...... Continue

Plyometric Exercises for Runners [ARTICLE]

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Picture yourself on the starting line of a race. You’re in the blocks. You pull back to create eccentric motion in the lower leg before firing forward to victory. Now imagine yourself being able to shoot off even further. Want to know how? With ...... Continue

Psychological Factors Contributing to Injury [ARTICLE]


Physical factors are the primary cause of athletic injuries, but psychological factors also contribute. Sport psychologists have helped clarify the role that psychological factors play in athletic injuries. Figure 1 shows a simplified version of...... Continue

Women's Track Workout: Increasing Speed in the Weight Room [ARTICLE]

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Over the course of my career, I have had opportunities to work with some very talented female track athletes, including NCAA Championship Qualifier and Academic All-American Jenna Caffrey (Iowa State). One overarching theme I've seen: no elite...... Continue

Projected Maxes: A Safer Approach to Maxing Out [ARTICLE]

by SAC Speed on

In order to monitor progress in the weight room, it is necessary to devise a safe and accurate testing procedure. Single repetition maxes are the most frequently used form of testing and monitoring progress. In single repetition maxing, heavy ...... Continue

Properly Programming and Scheduling In-Season Weight Training [ARTICLE]

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For the most part, certain sports have it easy when it comes to in-season weight training. Football has games on Friday nights so weight training on Mondays and Wednesdays makes perfect sense. For many other sports like track and field...... Continue

7 Awesome Medicine Ball Drills to Increase Speed! [ARTICLE]

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Here is a quick tutorial on physics. Newton's third law of action reaction basically states that when ever there is a force applied, there is an equal and opposite reaction meeting that force. This is the concept I use medicine ball training to...... Continue