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The Power of a Positive Attitude [ARTICLE]

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What would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer at the peak of your athletic career? While most young athletes will never have to deal with anything as weighty as cancer, this was the reality facing University of Minnesota senior cross country...... Continue

Trusting The Process [ARTICLE]


Coaches who deal with novice and struggling athletes can find themselves in a difficult position when wanting to help athletes set goals. How do you set goals for someone who has never competed? What type of goals do you set for someone who has...... Continue

How to Approach the Start of a Race [ARTICLE]

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The call-up—the time before the race when you report and get your lane assignment—varies among events. To make sure you are fully prepared, you need to take two things into account. First, always time your warm-up to allow time for the call-up. ... Continue

Relationship Between High School and College Coaches [ARTICLE]


The relationship between high school and college coaches ideally is a symbiotic one in which each helps the other for the advancement of their common athletes. We are all doing the same job but with different employers and different aged athletes...... Continue

Fundamentals of Scholastic Coaching [ARTICLE]


SCHOLASTIC COACH IS A TEACHER FIRST. I have been "in the game" for many years. When I began my coaching career, you had to be a certified teacher in the school district in which you were hired as a prerequisite to coaching in that district...... Continue

A COACH’S Leadership [ARTICLE]


Affective leadership is a result of a systematic and sensible approach to a unique management style designed to reach the vision and mission of a successful program. To develop leadership qualities as an athletics coach, one can learn from the...... Continue

Mental Toughness - The Psychological Skills [ARTICLE]


Psychological characteristics such as mental toughness, goal setting, imagery, realistic performance evaluation and commitment have been shown to be the difference between a medal winner in the Olympics and non-medal...... Continue

A Special Relationship - A Coach’s Duty In Sports Law [ARTICLE]


The iconic image of a coach and athlete traditionally evokes images of little league baseball coaches mentoring young boys, Mary Lou Retton celebrating Olympic triumph in Bela Karolyi's arms, or teams like UCLA who symbolized basketball greatness...... Continue

Training With Data [ARTICLE]


In High School, College, and at the Professional Level: Insights into how mid to long distance coaches perceive and use data to drive performance and progress.... Continue

Nutrition Checklist for Cross Country [ARTICLE]

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The Cross Country Season is almost here! So before it begins, let's talk about Race Day Nutrition. Morning Races For morning races, always eat something 2-3 hours before race time. Some toast or a bagel with some peanut butter is an excellent...... Continue